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Al and Nancy Malnik’s Home Host Many Great Charity Events

Taken From www.HomesOfTheRich.net

Alvink Malnik, the originator of The Forge Restaurant in Miami Beach and one of the largest donors for The Make A Wish Foundation lives in this palatial 38,000 square foot home located on a 3.4 acre oceanfront lot in Palm Beach County, FL. Alvin along with his wife Nancy Malnik and 3 children live in the gigantic Italianate mansion. The Malniks are in the process of building another home right next to this one that will consist of 18,000 square feet. So, the total square footage comes to 56,000!!! The new addition is described as a children’s play area and will hold an art gallery in the lower level. The house was recently appraised at $19.8 million, but may say that its worth twice as much. Actually, when listing a homes square footage (at least in Florida), it takes into account garages, porches, balconies, etc. The reason that there are so many different square footages listed for a single estate (such as this one) is that people incorrectly cite a homes AIR-CONDITIONED square footage.

For example; the Sydell Miller estate (aka La Reverie) which has been showcased on this site is 84626 TOTAL. Yet, a/c is ‘only’ 34775. I can assure you that every listing agent would cite the sq footage as 84626. However, the company that built the home (http://www.davisgeneralcontracting.com/) says it is 60000 sq ft. How in the heck did they get that? a/c + garage?

To make a long story short, whenever a square footage is given, it is 98% given in TOTAL square feet based on the property appraiser’s records. Regardless of playing these numbers however, any future buyer of the Malnik estate will care less about a number on a tax record. What they will care about is the absolute immense size of the home visually, the location, the interior details and will sign the contract on that basis. Oh and FYI, the builder of this home is Charles E Johnson. Also it was rumored when this house was under construction that it was being built for Oprah Winfrey. Now that’s funny and people still think it’s Oprah’s house. Check out this link:



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  1. Magnificent Mansion. Only for special people.

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